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Top 9 Dinner Party Wines

Top 9 Dinner Party Wines


Written by John

2 min read

Nov 29, 2021

9 wines that deliver a sonic boom of excitement, energy and pleasure. Wines that honour your host and will ensure you get invited back. These have the wow factor.

The Juice

Collard Picard NV

A Dom Pérignon-a-like for £30. What more is there to say?

The Great White

A thrilling glass of Aussie white full of surprises. A big statement with plenty of wild complexity but with technique to back it up.

Domaine Thibert Bourgogne Blanc 2014

A white Burgundy of understated quality and easy assurance. This will disappear first and be sorely missed.

Chateau de Targe Saumur Blanc 2015

Saumur remains pretty unknown so you can get a wine from one of the top producers for the same price as an also-ran village white Burgundy.

La Valona 12 meses 2009

This spanish beauty brings the gentleness of maturity and with it much cheersing and merriment.

Alheit Flotsam & Jetsam

The ‘mouthwash wine’ from one of South Africa’s best producers. This one just evaporates.


Everyone will love this juicy spaniard. Easy power without heaviness (more Barcelona in their pomp and less Spanish Inquisition). Bring a magnum.

Gachot-Monot 2015

A true Burgundy which delivers consistently. The rabbit hole to super delicious yet serious wine.

Ata Rangi

A class act. This is statuesque NZ pinot noir will stand out at any table.

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