Who - Ben and Martin
Ben and Martin, two friends of
twenty years, dream of building
a different type of wine business.
What - we offer expertly curated wine and advice
We personally recommend wines
from across the world,
express ourselves plainly and
simply, and deliver to London.
Why - we want to unite the worldr
Wine isn’t like other things,
wine is special. We want to unite
the world with wine by reimagining
the whole wine experience.
More pleasure, less pain.
How - we try every wine
We try every wine we recommend
and we only offer wine we love.
We only source from people we
trust so you get what you pay for.
Where - we will start with North London
We are starting in our local area of
North London initially because we
want to refine a great all round
client experience before scaling
to all London, then other
international cities.