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Why wine?

I’ve loved wine since before it was legal for me to love wine.

Cab franc, cab sav, Rhône reds, pinot (pre-Sideways) – you name it, I loved it.

What I needed was a means of making sense of it. Whether in front of a wine list or wine aisle, I needed help making an informed decision.

That’s how Ourglass began.

No more guessing, feeling ignorant or taken for a fool. Just beautiful wine – traditional and natural – with the promise of pleasure and interest.

Always with the aim of recreating that revelatory first sip.

It's like travelling California or seeing The Streets live, you’re never the same again.

And that's why we're here. That's what we offer.

Beyond marketing, packaging, delivery, algorithms, websites, tastings, Instagram, clever words and smart apps.

We’re here to help wine drinkers become wine lovers. Welcome to the club.